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Lake Placid Olympics

The Olympic Museum

The Olympic Museum in Lake Placid tells the story of the 1980 Winter Olympics. The museum is home to memorabilia from the games, including the famous "Miracle on Ice" hockey game.

Lake Placid Attractions

John Brown's Farm in Lake Placid

John Brown's farm was the home of abolitionist John Brown, who played a key role in the Underground Railroad. Visitors can learn about John Brown's life and see the restored buildings on the property.


Adirondack Park

The Adirondack Park is a 6 million acre park in upstate New York. The park is home to miles of hiking trails, beautiful lakes and mountains, and plenty of outdoor activities.

Picture of riding horse jumping over obstacle

The Lake Placid and I Love NY Horseshows

The Lake Placid and I Love NY Horseshows are a two-day event that features horse shows, exhibitions, and races. The event is held at the Placid Horse Park in Lake Placid and is a great opportunity to see some of the best riders in the country compete. Admission is free for spectators!

Cinema Ticket

Lake Placid Film Festival in Lake Placid

The Lake Placid Film Festival is a yearly event that celebrates independent film. The festival screens films from all over the world, and also hosts workshops and panel discussions. If you're a fan of independent film, the Lake Placid Film Festival is a great event to check out!

Two men coming out of water in triathlon

Ironman Lake Placid in Lake Placid

Ironman Lake Placid is an annual triathlon event that takes place in Lake Placid. Ironman Lake Placid is one of the most popular Ironman events in the world and attracts athletes from all over the globe. Whether you're an athlete looking to compete or a fan cheering on the competitors, Ironman Lake Placid is a great event to experience!

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